PARENTS and GUARDIANS: Due to IDAHO Code 18-1517(b) the American Falls District Library will be implementing a 3 tiered choice of library cards for all minors (anyone under the age of 18)

 Starting July 1st all parents or guardians will be required to choose which tiered card they wish for their children. This will determine which materials they will be allowed to check out from the library. You will be able to choose different levels for your different aged children if you choose. This is especially for those children age 9 to 17 that use the library without their parents.

You will be required to fill out a form in the library and is available NOW!

You will also be deciding what rating of movies they are allowed to check out and if they are allowed to use the computers in your absence.

The following tiers will be:

  1. Restricted Junior card: this card will be able to check out only Board books, Easy Reader Books, Chapter books, Junior Fiction, Junior Graphic Novels, Junior Audio Books and Junior Non-Fiction.
  • Restricted Teen card: This card will be able to check out everything in the Junior restricted card as well as Teen Fiction, Teen Non-Fiction, Teen Audio Books, Teen Graphic Novels, and Manga
  • Unrestricted Minor card: Unrestricted cards will have full access to all types of library materials, including everything listed above and all Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Adult Audio Books, magazines, Paperback books and Large print books.

Parents accounts have always been attached to their children and you have been able to monitor what your children are checking out by going to your account through and using your card number as your username and using your password to get in. You will see your children’s accounts in the Relative’s checkout tab. If you don’t know how to do this, please ask for help when you come in to fill out your form. Children whose parents have not filled out forms will automatically be restricted to the Junior card level and will only be able to check out family rated movies.

Thank you for your patience in this matter and we love making the library a treasured and magical place for your families.

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