Teen Summer Reading 2022

Teens ages 12-18 can register for the summer reading program at the library between May 23-June 3rd

Reading Starts June 6th 

How the Program Works:

Reading will begin June 6th (books must be at least 100 pages to count). Bring your completed reading log to the library each week for a chance to open the pirate lock box treasure. A different puzzle and prize each week.

Teen Summer Schedule and Activities (all area teens are invited, even if you are not participating in the summer reading program):

June 8th Book Binding @ 2:00

June 22nd Lego Stop Motion Video @ 2:00

July 6th Macramé and Baby Yoda paracord @ 2:00

Aug 17th Reading ends and all reading logs need to be turned in by this day (teen who reads the most pages will win a Fire 7 Tablet

July 20th Lego Master Challenge @ 2:00

Aug. 3rd Summer end party, including awards and raffle drawing @ 6:00

The top teen reader will win a Fire 7 tablet There will also be a raffle drawing for some great prizes, including amazon gift cards, a book set, and other fun prizes. You can also earn a t-shirt.


Summer Reading 2021

Hugh, Evan, Nicole, Michael, Kaelynn, Blaise and Wyatt
Top reader winner of the Kindle Fire and $25 Amazon gift card
Winner of the Amazon $25 gift card
Winner of a book set

Muggle Magic Pizza Party


The Points for Week 4:

Ravenclaw – 34,771 Slytherin – 28,131 Gryffindor – 27,584 Hufflepuff – 7,761

This is any house’s game! You have 2 reading logs left to turn in. Make these last two week count!! READ, READ AND READ SOME MORE!


The points are in for Week 3:

Ravenclaw – 21,845 Slytherin – 21,247 Gryffindor – 16,748 Hufflepuff – 7,554

Ravenclaw house has made a huge comeback from last weeks 3rd place barely edging out Slytherin and smoking Gryffindor. Remember you have 3 more weeks to turn in your reading logs, so start earning spells and READ, READ and READ SOME MORE!

Slytherin stays in the lead after week 2!

Week 2 House Standings:

Slytherin – 16033 Gryffindor – 13402 Ravenclaw – 12273 Hufflepuff – 6837


Week 1 – Hogwarts’ House Standings

The results for week 1 are as follows:

Slytherin – 8512 Ravenclaw – 7938 Gryffindor – 6253 Hufflepuff – 3559

Teen Summer Reading 2020

Teens have been busy reading and earning badges to help their team make it out of the forest. The the team that finishes first gets treated to an ice cream party!

Team Sphinx for the win! Good job! Thank you all for participating. Keep on reading!!!

The top Teen reader, Ria Dearden, received a Fire 7 Tablet and $25 Gift Card.

Raffle prize winners were: $25 Gift Card-Coi Dearden, $15 Gift Card-Ryan Taylor, and Book Set-Shaylee Taylor.

Team Sphinx won the Teen reading competition and team members were treated to an ice cream social at the Library.

Ria Dearden
Coi Dearden
Ryan Taylor
Shaylee Taylor

Weekly Team Results

Week #1
Sphinx-25,345 points
Dragon-18,100 points
Griffin-2815 points
Pegasus-2430 points

Week #2 Sphinx-70,450 points
Griffin-57,025 points Dragon-51,755 points
Pegasus-16,930 points

Week #3
Griffin-85,050 points Sphinx-83,890 points
Dragon-53,925 points
Pegasus-41,740 points

Week #4
Sphinx-113,705 points Griffin-105,370 points
Dragon-100,840 points
Pegasus-72,060 points

Week #5
Sphinx-232,785 points Griffin-159,785 points
Dragon-125,330 points
Pegasus-104,830 points

Summer Reading 2019