Teen Summer Reading Program



Registration starts May 26

You may begin reading on June 9th

Registrants receive a book bag that includes:

  • Map
  • Reading Log
  • Book Mark

(12 year old’s can choose to register for either the children’s or teen program)

  • This program runs from June 9 – August 16
  • Rules:When a destination has been completed (1 book read), bring the map and reading log to the library to receive a stamp on that destination on the list and select a chewy candy from the prize bin.  When 3 destinations have been completed (3 books read), you get a fun size candy bar from the prize bin. You will also receive a red raffle ticket to put in the prize jars.  Books read must be at least 100 pages.

    If you complete all 22 destinations, you will receive 7 additional red raffle tickets to put in prize jars.  Raffle tickets for the Kindle are only given out at the activities (not including the BBQ), and you must be present at the BBQ on Aug 16, to win the Kindle.

  • Special Teen Summer Activities 
    • June 14   3-5 p.m   – Activity
    • June 28  6-8 p.m.  – Movie Night 
    • July 20    3-5 p.m.    – Activity
    • Aug 02   2-4 p.m.   – Movie Night 
    • Aug. 16   6-8 p.m.   –  Party  Food, Prizes, Games & FUN