Teen Summer Reading 2021

Registration begins May 27th – June 8th

Teen Summer Reading 2020

Teens have been busy reading and earning badges to help their team make it out of the forest. The the team that finishes first gets treated to an ice cream party!

Team Sphinx for the win! Good job! Thank you all for participating. Keep on reading!!!

The top Teen reader, Ria Dearden, received a Fire 7 Tablet and $25 Gift Card.

Raffle prize winners were: $25 Gift Card-Coi Dearden, $15 Gift Card-Ryan Taylor, and Book Set-Shaylee Taylor.

Team Sphinx won the Teen reading competition and team members were treated to an ice cream social at the Library.

Ria Dearden
Coi Dearden
Ryan Taylor
Shaylee Taylor

Weekly Team Results

Week #1
Sphinx-25,345 points
Dragon-18,100 points
Griffin-2815 points
Pegasus-2430 points

Week #2 Sphinx-70,450 points
Griffin-57,025 points Dragon-51,755 points
Pegasus-16,930 points

Week #3
Griffin-85,050 points Sphinx-83,890 points
Dragon-53,925 points
Pegasus-41,740 points

Week #4
Sphinx-113,705 points Griffin-105,370 points
Dragon-100,840 points
Pegasus-72,060 points

Week #5
Sphinx-232,785 points Griffin-159,785 points
Dragon-125,330 points
Pegasus-104,830 points

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