Extreme Reading Challenge for Teens

Teen Extreme Book Challenge runs from February 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024



  1. At the beginning of the challenge you can roll all 24 times and create a TBR (to be read) list. You don’t need to necessarily read them in order but you do need to record your rolls, i.e. if you rolled a 3 and a 5 that is the first roll and it needs to be reflected on the log sheet and so forth.
  2. Roll as you go. You roll the dice you get a 3 and 5 you move 8 spaces read the book the space tells you to read and when finished roll again.


  1. Please read all instructions, they will tell you what every space is and what you need to read for that space.
  2. You must start on the GO (adventure) space.
  3. Use both 6 sided dice to move around the board.
  4. You must have at least 24 rolls by the end of the challenge.
  5. One book per roll. If you land on the same spot twice you must read a different book for that roll.
  6. All books must be over 100 pages unless otherwise mentioned.
  7. Book logs (the attached log or one of your own design) MUST be turned into the library on or before January 31, 2024 in order to receive the prize.
  8. Teens who complete the challenge will receive a hoodie.
  9. ALL BOOK LOGS WILL BE REVIEWED AT THE END OF THE CHALLENGE. So, if you have questions about a specific book please ask us.
  10. Just a reminder, we do have a Facebook group within the American Falls District Library page. If you are interested in joining, please ask to join. If you are already a member it’s going to be the same as years past.
  11. Record your roll, the space you land on, the title, author, number of pages and date completed for each challenge.
  13. If you need a reprint of a board, cards or rules you will be charged the price of the copy. Dice and game pieces are not replaceable.
  14. You are allowed 8 audio books. Make sure you specify which books were audio.
  • Congratulations to our past Extreme Book Nerd Hoodie recipients!!!


Katie Bischoff-not pictured


  • Pictured from left to right:  Katie Bischoff, Taylie Boyer, Tyson Kress and Madison Jones.  Not pictured, Brinkley Boyer, Nathanael Lovelace and Eryn Parrish.


Katie Bischoff, Addie Wilson, Brinkley Boyer, Taylor Wilson, and Kaitlyn Crump

    Not pictured, Emilee Krein and Eryn Parrish.