Summer Reading

The Children’s Summer Reading program is in full swing. Children’s packets, containing reading logs and weekly craft and activities, are still available outside the Library front door.
Click HERE for more information.

Week #1 June 12-18 Click HERE to to watch Miss Debbie read “Jack Breaks the Beanstalks” and demonstrate the “grow your own Beanstalk” craft.

Week #2 June 19-25 Click HERE to to watch Miss Deena read “The Princess and the Pea” and demonstrate the “Prince/Princess” paper craft.

Week #3 June 26-July 2 Click HERE to to watch Miss Deena read “The Three Little Pigs” and demonstrate the finger puppet craft.

Week #4 July 3-July 9 Click HERE to to watch Miss Deena read “The Three Bears” and demonstrate the craft (this is the week #4 story even thought on the video Miss Deena said it was week 3, oops).

Bear Hunt Activity:

For the activity this week “We are Going on a Bear Hunt” so click HERE to watch Miss Deena read this beloved children’s story. We invite all community members, including you, to place a bear in your window. Now you are ready for a bear hunt, so gather your family and venture out around town and see how many bears you can spot. We would love to see some of your adventures so snap a few pics and post them to social media using the hashtag, #AFLibraryBearHunt 

Happy Hunting, and please be sure to follow social distancing guidelines. 


StoryWalk® is located in the AF City Park, starting directly across from the Library.  You are invited to participate at your leisure.  This weeks story is “Lost”. A new story will be place each Friday during the 6-week program (StoryWalk® will not be available on Thursdays to allow for mowing at the park).  Please be sure to observe social distancing guidelines.

Teens who are registered for Summer Reading, don’t forget to turn in your reading report by Saturday to help your team on its journey through the forest.

Adult Summer Reading is also underway.Click HERE for more details.

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